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Technology is transforming how we sell, market, communicate, collaborate, innovate and educate. In this important annual publication, Daniel Burrus leading technology forecaster, strategist, and NYT & WSJ best selling author of Flash Foresight, shares what lies ahead as well as business and personal strategies that you can use to keep ahead of the competition.

In the VOL 9. Issue, you will have access to the following articles written exclusively by Daniel Burrus:

  • Top 20 Technology-Drive Hard Trends Shaping the Future
  • What’s the Secret to the Next Big Thing? Anticipation
  • Accelerate Growth Using Hard Trends
  • 3 Steps to Build a Stronger Team
  • Agiliy Levels the Playing Field Anticipation Changes the Game
  • Change and Transformation–Knowing the Difference to Accelerate Growth
  • Owning Innovation in Your Organization
  • Is Your Organizational Futureview Aligned?
  • Redefining Risk
  • When It Comes to Trends, Know Which Ones Will Happen
  • Certainty–The Ultimate Closing Tool
  • Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence?

    Don’t delay, once you have this publication in hand you will have the insights you need to creatively apply technology to increase profits, to innovate rather than imitate, and to make a changing environment your competitive advantage.